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Every year Santhwana publishes one book on counselling topics.

The books published so far :

1.      Counselling in our daily life(Mal)

2.      Counselling and personality development(Mal)

3.      Counselling and mental health(Mal)

4.      Basic principles of counselling(Mal)  

5.      Counselling for success in life(Mal)

6.      Counselling for mental satisfaction(Mal)

7.      Counselling for more enjoyment of life(Mal)

8.      Counselling for mental stress reduction(Mal)

9.      Drug Addiction and Counselling (English)

10.      Family and Counselling to Redeem Drug Addicts (English)

11.      Counselling for improving studies(Mal)

12.      Counselling for good family life(Mal)

13. Kudumba Bhadrathaykku Counselling (Mal)

14. Counselling for Self Confidence (Mal)





Santhwana published a cassette and a CD named :



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