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Set up with a mission of service to families and individuals to attain better psychological and personal growth in 1990 CMI fathers of Rajagiri, Kalamassery established "Santhwana Counselling Centre" at Kacheripady Ernakulam. In the dawn of the new millennium, the centre was upgraded to an Institute of Counselling and Psychotherapy envisaging various training programmes with a holistic approach. The Institute provides preventive, curative and promotive services to individuals and families. The Institute mainly concentrates on preventing the breakdown of families by giving awareness on the factors that may lead to disruption , like alcoholism , drug abuse, marital disharmony and maladjustment with the family members.

         The Institute offers crisis intervention and proper management of cases through adequate counselling services to the individual as well as the family. The Institute has professional staff members to help individuals couples and families having personal problems and interpersonal conflicts. We also provide training, both in individual and group counselling.

SPECIAL FEATURES OF THE INSTITUTE · The Institute has facilities structured to provide an atmosphere conducive to concentrated academic pursuits. It is a lovely place with homely atmosphere. Convenient location for transportation• Facilities to use audio-visual equipment• A team of committed and experienced staff• Study of counselling through group interaction• An holistic integrated approach providing personal growth• The unique feature of the library is that it has thousands of books on counselling and psychotherapy published abroad.

SERVICES AT A GLANCE· Crisis Intervention, Marital Discord, Loneliness, Feelings of Inadequacy• Depression• Anxiety• Poor Scholastic Performance• Teenage problems, Alcoholism & Drug Dependence, Irrational Fear, Sexual Problems, Stress & Strain, Referral Services.

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